This is where you can submit your own remix and see if we will accept it. Submission Standards must be thoroughly read before submitting anything.

Submission StandardsEdit


  • The remix can only be:
    • OGG files
    • YouTube videos
    • MP3 download page from an external site
  • There are no limits to quality


  • The song must be your own.
    • If the song is another's that is on YouTube or on the internet for free download, then you can just go ahead and create a page for it here.

Acceptable Source MaterialEdit

  • Sampling is allowed, but if you are sampling songs that are not of the Sonic universe, make sure to make this sampling brief and not extremely noticeable. There will be very few exceptions.
  • Any type of music is accepted.
  • The song must have a different name from the original game soundtrack name (ex. original would be "Green Hill Zone" and remixer's is "Hills of Green (Green Hill Zone Remix)".
    • Thus, you must specify what song you remixed.
  • The remix has to be a remix of a Sonic song, otherwise it will not be accepted.


  • The song cannot be just the original sampled song with one beat, or something similar. If you add much to the remix with the original sampled thing, then we might accept it.
  • The arrangement must be identifiable and dominant.
  • Medleys are allowed, but they must fit together. If they are just random songs put together in one, the song will most likely not be accepted.


  • The song should not have any distortion or noises like hums and pops. If so, this must be fixed.
  • Anything to messy or chaotic is likely not to be accepted.


  • Wikia contributors are allowed to submit.
  • Songs will be chosen by judges if they should be accepted. Although this, others are aloud to put their opinion in.
  • Once the submission has been posted, wait 3 days until reply if it was accepted or not. If you have waited longer than 3 days, let Rainbowroad6w know.
  • A judge will let the user know if the song was accepted on their talk page.

Submission LayoutEdit

This should be the layout. Copy-paste it when submitting songs.

===(Remix Name Here) by (User name here)===
(make a brief statement about the remix, including what song this is a remix of, 
and what game the original song came from)

(this is where other users can put in their opinions)

Pending (while judges haven't decided yet, it should say "Pending." Once the 
judges have decided, they will say the result, either being "Accepted" or 


Sonic CD Remix - Miracle Little Blue

Sonic CD Remix - Miracle Little Blue